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August 2012

August 24, 2012

A Day in the Life of an International CM - Madrid

Next up is Lolo R., our Madrid man on the street. He talks about who first introduced him to Yelp (his current boss!), doing work on Madrid’s Wi-Fi enabled public transport and where one can find the best Sunset views in his city!

Take it away, Captain!

El siguiente es Lolo R., nuestro hombre encargado de las calles de Madrid. Habla sobre la persona que le descubrió Yelp (el que es ahora su actual jefe), cómo trabajar en los autobuses públicos de Madrid que cuentan con WiFi embarcada... ¡y sobre dónde se puede ver la mejor puesta de sol en su ciudad!

¡Su turno, Capitán!

Day in the Life of...Lolo in Madrid - Google Docs

What did you do before becoming a CM at Yelp?    
I was a journalist. I worked for trend and fashion magazines for quite a while, and then I jumped to the dark side -- PR (but I loved it!)
¿Qué hacías antes de convertirte en Responsable de Comunidad en Yelp?
Era periodista. Empecé trabajando en revistas de tendencias y moda durante bastante tiempo, y luego di el salto al lado oscuro: las relaciones públicas (¡aunque me encantaba!).

How did you find out about Yelp?
Although I knew Yelp from the States, I didn't know it was available in Spain until I heard about it from a guy I knew (who is now my boss). He called me one evening (and I am a Spaniard, so by "evening" I mean "night") and he asked me to have a meeting to talk about Yelp. When it was over, I ran home to write my very first review. I was very excited!  
¿Cómo te enteraste de la existencia de Yelp?
Aunque conocía Yelp de los Estados Unidos, no sabía que funcionaba en España hasta que se lo oí a mi jefe. Me llamó una tarde (y como buen español, con “tarde” me refiero a “noche”) y me pidió que asistiese a una reunión sobre Yelp. Cuando acabó, corrí a casa a publicar mi primera reseña. ¡Estaba emocionadísimo!

How do you describe your job to people?    
My actual words are "I work for a cool website that connects people with great local businesses, from restaurants to plumbers. We've got an awesome Community of people sharing experiences about those businesses and my job is to love them very much!". I should just get a t-shirt made.
¿Cómo describes tu trabajo a la gente?    
Mis palabras son, tal cual: “trabajo para una página web que conecta a las personas con negocios excepcionales, desde restaurantes hasta fontaneros. Tenemos una Comunidad de usuarios maravillosa que comparte sus experiencias en diversos negocios, ¡y mi trabajo es quererles y mimarles mucho!”. ¡Mola tanto que debería imprimirlo en una camiseta!

What's been your favorite Yelp moment?
Once I met the business owner of Senf, and she told me that her mother printed my review and showed it to her friends in her hometown (Saragossa). I thought it was such a great thing, and it reminded me that spreading the word about great local businesses is a beautiful thing to do for a living.
¿Cuál ha sido tu “momento Yelp” favorito?
Un día conocí a la propietaria de Senf, y me contó que su madre había impreso mi reseña y se la había enseñado a todas sus amistades en su ciudad de origen (Zaragoza). Me di cuenta entonces de que lo que hago para ganarme la vida (correr la voz sobre negocios locales maravillosos) es algo precioso.

What's been your favorite event that you've thrown?    
It was one of my most recent events! It was the Yelp Passport to Malasaña kick-off party. I had all my Yelp workmates around and we all dressed up as cabin crew. We have several pictures where we really look like we were on a plane!
De los que has organizado, ¿cuál ha sido tu evento favorito?
¡El último! Era la fiesta de presentación del Pasaporte Yelp a Malasaña, y todos mis compañeros de trabajo me acompañaron, vestidos como si fueran parte de la tripulación de un avión. ¡Tenemos varias fotografías en las que realmente parece que estamos en un aeroplano!

What most surprised you about working at Yelp?    
When I started to work here, I thought that not having an office would mean I would have no bond with workmates. It turns out there is plenty of time to meet each other, and that distance doesn't make it difficult at all to connect with someone and to build strong friendships that I hope will last forever.
¿Qué es lo que más te ha sorprendido de trabajar en Yelp?
Cuando empecé a trabajar aquí, pensé que el hecho de no ir a la oficina significaba que iba a ser imposible establecer lazos de amistad con mis compañeros de trabajo. Y al final ha resultado que hay mucho tiempo para que nos conozcamos entre nosotros, y que la distancia no hace difícil en absoluto conectar con alguien y construir una amistad sólida (que, espero, dure para siempre).

What does "Yelp" mean in your language?
Nothing! But it sounds so similar to Help! that almost everyone sings this old song when I say the name and they don't know what it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT2afY0jE-8
¿Qué significa Yelp en tu idioma?
¡Nada! Pero suena tanto a “Help!” que cada vez que se lo menciono a alguien y no sabe de qué va, termina canturreando esta canción: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT2afY0jE-8

What's the strangest or oddest Yelp review that you've come across?
I have two favorites. First, this: It's just about two big metal sheets in the street. I always wondered what they were until, reading this review, I learnt it was a public WC some time ago. And the truth is that I remember it!
And this: A bench in the middle of the Plaza de Cibeles. But, as stated in the review, it is the best place to see the sunset in Madrid.
¿Cuál es la reseña más rara que te has encontrado en Yelp?
Tengo dos favoritas. Primero, esta: es sobre dos placas de metal que hay en la calle. Siempre me había preguntado qué eran, hasta que leí este comentario y me enteré de que es un antiguo baño público. ¡Y lo cierto es que lo recuerdo!
Y esta: un banco en mitad de la Plaza de Cibeles. Pero, tal y como dice la reseña, el mejor sitio para ver la puesta de sol en Madrid.

What's your favorite thing about working for a company like Yelp?
That everyday is different. I haven't had one day like the other, because I'm always doing many different things. Throwing an event (or preparing it). Planning a large scale marketing campaign. That I have a bunch of workmates so brilliant and so kind that they even let me steal some of their ideas. That I get to write a weekly every week about cool places to go. And that after all, I get paid for what most people would consider just having fun. Isn't that pretty awesome?
¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de trabajar en Yelp?
Que cada día es diferente. No he tenido ningún día que se pareciese a otro, porque siempre hago muchísimas cosas: organizar un evento, prepararlo, planear una campaña de marketing a gran escala... Pero también, que tengo un puñado de compañeros de trabajo tan brillantes como generosos, que incluso me dejan robarles algunas de sus ideas, o que tengo el honor de escribir un boletín semanal con los sitios más interesantes que visitar en mi ciudad. Y que, después de todo, me pagan por lo que mucha gente consideraría, simplemente, divertirse. ¿A que suena bien?

August 14, 2012

Yelp: Extreme Home(page) Makeover

Posted by Mark Allen

Ladies and gents, today it’s with great pride that we are unveiling a complete redesign of our homepage. That’s right, our new and improved formula shines a bright light on the real star of Yelp, YOU!

As Andy Grove once said, complacency breeds failure. And we’ll have absolutely none of that around here, son.

Over the years we’ve seen mobile contributions grow at a rapid clip. Photos, Tips, check-ins and comments from your friends are a fantastic way to find great local businesses. We wanted to bring those to the front and center of Yelp.com and give you an easy way to share and explore your friends’ activity across Yelp.com and Yelp’s mobile apps.

Behold, the new homepage!

San Francisco Restaurants, Dentists, Bars, Beauty Salons, Doctors (1)



You’ll notice that the new design places a greater emphasis on activity from you and your friends. In addition to long-standing favorites like Review of the Day, Hot New Businesses and Fresh Lists, now you’ll be able to see all sorts of new stuff, including (but not limited to) photos and Tips left by your friends, events they are going to, recent places you’ve checked-in to and Useful, Funny, Cool votes your reviews have received.

And since this is Yelp, you’ll of course be able to send compliments and give other feedback on your friends’ activity right there.

Our team spent a lot of time talking to a bunch of hardcore Yelpers and researching how people used the old homepage. We think you’ll like the new one even more once you’ve had a chance to toy with it.

We’ll be rolling this new homepage out gradually over the next few weeks. Needless to say, we’re excited to hear what you think now that our new homepage is out in the wild. 


August 09, 2012

Day in the Life of an International CM

We now head over to Yelp Paris to say, Bonjour!, to Elodie F., our senior Community Manager. When she and her Yelpers aren’t posing for GQ, Elodie gives us the skinny on what makes French Yelpers have that Je ne sais quoi!
Allons maintenant faire un tour à Yelp Paris pour discuter un peu avec Elodie F, notre Community Manager Senior. Quand elle ou ses yelpeurs ne posent pas pour GQ, Elodie nous donne quelques indices sur ce qui donne aux Yelpeurs parisiens ce petit “je ne sais quoi”.


What did you do before becoming a CM at Yelp?    
I was writing my dissertation on Food Communication. Funny how things work out ;)
Que faisais tu avant de devenir CM chez Yelp?
J’écrivais mon mémoire de Master 2 sur la communication culinaire. Drôle de voir où cela m’a emmenée :)

How did you find out about Yelp?    
A friend of mine was a journalist at a Le Fooding, a famous food magazine and first introduced me to the site.
Comment as tu entendu parler de Yelp?
Une amie qui travaille pour le Fooding, un célèbre guide culinaire, m’a fait découvrir le site.

How do you describe your job to people?    
I’m basically Yelp's swiss army knife in Paris! I do anything to grow the community and promote Yelp in Paris: from being at every cool event to marketing, organising monthly events, writing a weekly newsletter about the coolest places in the city or being out & about to discover hot new spots.
Comment décrirais tu ton travail ?
En gros je suis le couteau suisse de Yelp à Paris ! Je m’occupe de faire grandir la communauté et de promouvoir le site à Paris: ça passe par assister à un maximum d’événements parisiens, organiser des actions marketing, des événements Yelp mensuels, écrire une newsletter hebdo sur les meilleures adresses parisiennes ou chercher les perles rares.

What's been your favorite Yelp moment?
I think my favourite moment was Yelp Paris' First anniversary in 2011 at Door Studios. It was a truly amazing feeling to see 300 people coming together to sample some of the best food & drinks in the city, and to realize how much the community had grown.
Quel a été ton moment préféré chez Yelp?
Probablement le 1er anniversaire de Yelp Paris en juin 2011 aux Door Studios. C’était vraiment un sentiment assez incroyable de voir 300 personnes se réunir pour déguster le meilleur de la scène culinaire parisienne. Ça m’a fait prendre conscience que la communauté avait vraiment grandi.

What do you think makes your Yelp community different than others?
Parisian have very high standards when it comes to eating and drinking, so I'd say most events are pretty sophisticated (yet casual). I cannot fool them with cheap cheese or discount wine ! I've also heard a lot that my yelpers looked very beautiful, and I think that's very...true ! Not bragging here ;)
A ton avis, qu’est ce qui rend la communauté Yelp si différente d’une autre ?
Les Parisiens ont des exigences très élevées quand il s’agit de manger ou boire, donc je dirais que la plupart de nos événements sont assez sophistiqués, bien que plutôt à la cool. Je ne peux juste pas me permettre de leur servir du fromage cheap ou de la vinasse. On m’a aussi souvent dit que mes Yelpeurs était particulièrement beaux. C’est tout à fait vrai. En toute humilité bien sur. A la parisienne.  

What's been your favorite event that you've thrown?
In January 2011 we threw an Elite Event at Soya, a vegetarian restaurant where we had a huge communal dinner with +70 people. We all sat around big wooden tables, sharing hummus, drinking soup and organic wine. The atmosphere was truly unique, with candles everywhere and the smell of the amazing healthy food.
Quel est l’événement que tu as organisé que tu as préféré?
En janvier 2011, j’ai organisé un événement Yelp Elite chez Soya, un resto végétarien où plus de 70 personnes se sont assis autour des grandes tables communales en bois pour un diner vraiment fou. Il y avait du hoummous, de la soup de lentilles corail, des verrines à tomber, et du vin nature. L’atmosphère était vraiment unique, tout était éclairé à la bougie et sentait la cuisine à tomber de Christel, la Chef.

What most surprised you about working at Yelp?    
I think I was really amazed to see how Yelp could bring people together in a totally new way. You would think that people hide behind their computers: it's actually the exact opposite in the Yelp Community! People make so many long lasting, genuine connections at Yelp events and on the site. Community takes on a whole new meaning there.
Qu’est ce qui t’a le plus surpris dans le fait de travailler pour Yelp?
C’est assez impressionnant de voir à quel point Yelp crée un nouveau type de connection entre les gens. A priori on se dit que les réseaux sociaux permettent aux gens de mieux se cacher derrière leur écran, mais sur Yelp c’est tout l’inverse. Les gens se rencontrent en vrai et tissent vraiment des liens durables, authentiques qui se concrétisent à la fois sur le site et dans la vraie vie. L’idée de communauté prend un tout nouveau sens.

Describe your co-workers...    
It's the community in the community! We all live in different cities and yet I've never been so close to my co workers. We text, IM, chat, message each other all the time, and share all of the incredible things we do everyday. It's pretty much like growing up together.
Décris nous un peu tes collègues...
C’est un peu la communauté dans la communauté ! Nous vivons tous dans des villes différentes et pourtant je n’ai jamais été si proche de mes collègues. On s’envoie des textos, on chat sur gmail, on s’écrit tout le temps et on se raconte tous les trucs incroyables qui se passent dans nos communautés respectives. C’est un peu comme grandir ensemble.

What's the strangest or oddest Yelp review that you've come across?
It isnt a strange review, but it's rather a unique reviewer: Sushi S. He writes 7 word reviews and with only 7 words he always perfectly catches the spirit of the place
Quel est l’avis le plus étrange surlequel tu es tombé?
Ce n’est pas vraiment un avis étrange mais plutôt un Yelpeur pas comme les autres: Sushi S. Il écrit des avis en 7 mots  et c’est assez fou la manière dont il arrive toujours à capturer l’essence même d’un endroit en 7 mots seulement. Un bel exercice de style.