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June 2012

June 15, 2012

A Picture's Worth 1,000 Yelps

As the old adage proclaims, a picture is worth a thousand words. On Yelp, we found it’s worth more than that -- at least to consumers.

People often think Yelp is just about online reviews and with more than 27 million reviews contributed as of the end of last quarter, that’s understandable. That said, we like to try and provide as much information about a person’s real-life experience at a local business as possible. With millions of photos on Yelp, images about what a business looks like, favorite dishes and more, prove an incredibly important factor to consumers when making a spending decision -- especially now more than ever given we’ve included photos in search results on Yelp.com and on our mobile applications.

As we did just a few weeks ago in our post about how the term “customer service” impacts Yelp ratings, both good and bad, we thought we’d quantify the impact that photos have on consumers when deciding where to spend their hard-earned money. What we found: People searching Yelp for great local businesses spend 2 and a half times as much time on a business page with photos as opposed to one without.


Los Angeles’s Bottega Louie is the business listing with the most photos on Yelp clocking in at nearly 4,000 snaps!


“But, I have no photos!” you say. Pssh, with Yelp’s free business owner tools you have no excuses. You can upload as many photos about your business as you want, for free. In addition to pictures of your storefront, interior, specialities or even popular items mentioned in your review highlights, Yelpers also love to see photos of you, your staff, and your work, such as installations, renovations, and before and after shots. Not to mention, Yelpers are already helping you out when they’re frequenting your business: 50% of photos on Yelp are uploaded from a Yelp mobile app.

So, get creative and think about shots that best represent both you and your business. Now get out there and say: “Cheese!”

June 14, 2012

Yelp to Power Bing Local Search

The screenshot says it all. As of today, Bing’s local search experience will be powered by Yelp. Our rich review snippets, photos, business attributes and more will be integrated into Bing’s new local business pages for relevant categories, making it easier to discover a new or notable establishment nearby.

Bing Local screenshot of Gary Danko 6-22-12 v2

We're excited to be integrated in such a prominent way and hope that through this relationship we’re able to help direct even more consumers to great local businesses.

June 11, 2012

Yelp + iPhone + Maps + WWDC = Awesome

At Apple’s WWDC Keynote today, many exciting announcements were shared -- including, most importantly, developments to the Yelp & Apple relationship (Hey, it’s our blog. We can be biased :)

We’ve talked about some of the ways Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, Siri, has leveraged Yelp to point you to local businesses. Now with Apple’s latest iOS 6 update, listing information & recommendations on Yelp will become more integrated to not only help you find the best local business to fit your needs, but also help you get there.


Photo Credit: Engadget

iPhone users will enjoy the following benefits to their local search experience:

  • In addition to using Yelp listings when providing local business recommendations, Siri now has even more Yelp content.
  • When searching in Apple’s “Maps” both the Info and Reviews tabs will point you to millions of Yelp listings -- and if you click on a specific review, you’ll be taken directly to that review for that business on Yelp.
  • Yelpers around the world will start getting Siri access thanks to Apple’s language updates.
  • Finally, Yelp is already integrated in navigation systems for BMW, Lexus & Mercedes. Now, you can get point to point directions & recommendations with those manufacturers, as well as dozens more with Siri & Yelp.


Photo Credit: Engadget

With approximately 27 million reviews and counting, we’re proud to continue to connect our millions of users to great local businesses -- wherever they might be!

June 06, 2012

A race to the Finnish line!

Suomalaisetkin pääsevät yelppaamaan

Yelp täydentää pohjoismaisen värisuoran avaamalla palvelunsa myös Suomessa

Viimeisenä, muttei missään nimessä vähäisimpänä: Yelp avaa palvelunsa nyt myös suomalaisille ja samalla täydentää pohjoismaisen värisuoran. Suomi on monipuolisen kulttuurin ja luonnon maa ja samalla yksi harvoista kolkista maailmassa joka kasvaa jatkuvasti – suomalaisilla yelppaajilla on joka vuosi jopa seitsemän neliökilometriä lisää kartoittamatonta maata tutkittavana.

Suomi on ollut viime vuosina parrasvaloissa kansainvälisesti etenkin vihaisten ja värikkäiden lintujen siivittämänä. Angry Birdsin menestys on alleviivannut sadoille miljoonille pelin ladanneille suomalaista osaamista, mentaliteettia ja luovaa hulluutta. Nyt kun Helsinki on maailman designpääkaupunki, niin tätä parempaa hetkeä ei suomalaisille yelppaajille olisi voinut toivoa maan parhaita palveluiden ja yritysten esilletuomiseen.

Rakennamme Yelp-yhteisöä aluksi Helsinkiin, mutta yelppaajat voivat arvioida ja jakaa näkemyksiään yrityksistä ja palveluista kaikkialla Suomessa – ja samalla auttaa turisteja ja paikallisia löytämään parhaat palvelut. Suomenkieliseen palveluun pääsee kirjautumaan osoitteessa Yelp.fi. Samasta palvelusta käyttäjät voivat myös ladata Yelpin suomalaisen mobiilisovelluksen. Yritykset voivat maksutta ottaa haltuunsa oman sivunsa ja alkaa markkinoida omia palveluitaan osoitteessa biz.yelp.fi

PS. trollit pysykööt Norjassa, mutta mikään ei olisi hienompaa kuin se, että Muumit löytäisivät tiensä suomalaisista metsistä yelppaamaan aktiivisen yhteisön luomisessa!

Yelp Finland

A race to the Finnish line!
Yelp’s Nordic puzzle is complete as it arrives in Finland

Last, but by no means least, the launch of Finland completes Yelp’s Nordic puzzle and opens up the community to a country rich in both cultural and bio-diversity that is constantly expanding in size – it is one of the few countries in the world that is physically growing, by almost seven square kilometers a year, meaning there will always be somewhere new for Yelpers to find and write/Yelp about!

Finland has enjoyed global recognition in recent years, particularly for bringing a flock of wingless birds in a range of colours and sizes to an audience of over 648 million in the shape of Angry Birds, underlining the Finnish thought and design process that can be sometimes ‘off-the wall’ and very innovative. Helsinki, has the accolade of being the World Design Capital, presenting a timely opportunity for Finnish Yelpers to get together and highlight the best the city (and country) has to offer.

Our initial community building efforts in Finland will concentrate on Helsinki, but yelpers can rate and review businesses from across the country and share their views with both locals and tourists. People in Finland can log on to Yelp.fi, create their profile, access and use the mobile apps, while businesses can claim their page for free and start building their profile at biz.yelp.fi

P.S we were keen to keep the Trolls from the site in Norway, but if the Moomins want to venture out of the Finnish forest and pay us a social visit, that would be more than fine…that would be AMAZING!

June 05, 2012

Getting Personal with the Yelp iPad App

We at Yelp love our iPads. They are amazing devices for browsing the web, watching movies and, for yelpers, discovering and reviewing great local businesses. In an effort to make our app even more powerful, we're hooking you up with your very own "About Me" tab. This will give you the ability to easily view your own reviews, tips, bookmarks, and more. Additionally, we baked in a pretty sweet check-in map visualization -- exclusive to our iPad app! -- making it even easier to remember the name of that great restaurant you visited during your last trip or to simply discover areas of your own city that you've yet to explore.



And don't worry iPhone users, we haven't forgotten about you in this update. We know how compelling a photo can be in helping you decide where to go so we're now including photos in all iPhone and iPad search results.



June 04, 2012

Yelp in Your Words: How I Built My Great Reputation

How can you develop a great word of mouth reputation without soliciting reviews? We conducted a recent study which pointed to the fact that customer service can play a huge role. In fact, if a Yelp user mentions good customer service in a review, that particular review is over five times as likely to be a five star review rather than a one star. But what else does it take?

To answer that question, we interviewed several decision makers at businesses with a four star or higher rating on Yelp. Although great customer service was mentioned by virtually everyone we spoke with, responding to reviews, and implementing feedback from customers were also common strategies. As Deb Gilpin, CEO of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix says, “We respond back to someone who takes the time to leave feedback, and we also take it in as a staff, and we [ask] what could we have done differently?”

Watch our latest “Yelp in Your Words” video to hear direct insight from successful businesses who have organically built a great reputation on Yelp.