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July 13, 2011

Day in the Life of a Yelp Scottsdale Account Executive

As our Day in the Life of a Yelp Employee series trucks along, we come to one of the most important positions at Yelp: our sales team. So important, that we wanted to highlight members of our team in three of our offices: Scottsdale, San Francisco, and New York.

Meghan Beattie, a recently promoted Training Manager based in Yelp’s Scottsdale office, kicks it off by telling us what it was like starting out as an Account Executive in Yelp’s newest office, making friends with gigantic blow up animals (totally normal) to successfully climbing the Yelp corporate ladder.

Meghan Beattie

What did you do before coming to Yelp?     
Was there life before Yelp?! I started my career at a public relations firm in Dallas, but more recently, I acted as the Manager of Marketing and Business Development for a small business in Northern California. We call these “NDM”s in the biz – or non-decision makers. I was called by Yelp, pitched on the advertising product by Yelp, bought Yelp, and now... well, the tables have turned!

How did you first hear about Yelp and the job opening?
A family friend who works in Yelp’s New York office was visiting and asked if I’d ever thought about working in sales. Honestly, I hadn’t, but I did feel like trying something new. I knew I was social, loved talking on the phone and most of all, understood what it was like working in a small business. The more I learned about the position, the more I realized it would not only be a fun opportunity, but also a fulfilling one. I had been using Yelp for years prior, so the thought of being a part of the company was exciting, as well!

What's your title at Yelp and how long have you been with the company?
I started at Yelp 14 months ago as an Account Executive in the Scottsdale office. At the time, the office was still small and brand new -- in fact, we were originally trained in an abandoned IMAX theater! Fast forward just over a year later, and I was recently promoted to a Training Manager – and although we’re no longer training in an IMAX theater, we’re in a bigger and better office. To me, the most energizing part of Yelp Scottsdale is the minute you walk through the door and see the giant GONG!

What comprises a typical day for you?
I wake up, stretch, put on Party Rock Anthem and dance my way into the office. After that, I make some breakfast in the kitchen, drink a big cup of coffee, and hit the phones! The first few months as an Account Executive involve educating business owners about what Yelp is and how it affects their business. I set up phone appointments with business owners and walk them through Yelp's Targeted Advertising Program. It’s my job to explain how they can get themselves greater exposure on Yelp and, in turn, get new customers. We also recently launched Yelp Deals and its been exciting to see firsthand how these new products can help drive business! Now, as a Training Manager, I’m having a blast ramping up new Account Executives to learn about different areas of small business and how to have cool and compelling conversations with business owners across the country.

What's the BEST part of working for Yelp?
The best part of working for Yelp is that I walk into the office every day and feel part of something bigger. From conversations with business owners to company-wide meetings, each day there are small wins that roll into the big picture that is Yelp. Our site taps into how people make buying decisions for everything from what to eat for dinner that night to finding a dentist for that pesky root canal. We have trusted reviews and content and it’s growing by the millions. I’m excited and proud to be part of this innovative company.

What is your favorite perk at Yelp?
Fully stocked kitchen, ping-pong tournaments, Blue Moon on tap, Rock Band room, team themes, giant gong, 80’s hair band conference rooms, Pandora overhead, people people people… There’s no choosing one perk at Yelp – you’re surrounded by them.

What has been your favorite memory at Yelp?
My favorite memor(ies) at Yelp were each jump of the Yelp Sales Development Program (aka YSDP). YSDP is the career path laid out for Account Executives in which they are given clear benchmarks to hit in order to progress their career at Yelp. If you work hard, it pays off and accomplishing the next level is no small feat -- but it’s awesome to know it’s worth it every step of the way.  

What separates Yelp from other places you've worked?
Similar to my favorite memory – what separates Yelp from other places I’ve worked has to do with measurement. In other positions, your success isn’t always based on numbers but rather a series of events when Mercury is in retrograde, or whatever that means. In sales and at Yelp, what you put into this job, you get out of this job. Work hard and you’ll be successful.

Finally, what would be your one piece of advice for someone interested in your role?
At Yelp, you will thrive if you’re motivated to be a better version of yourself. Yelp is a career – not just a job. Many people join Yelp at an entry-level, but there are many opportunities to grow for those who are willing to work hard to excel! If you like attributing your success to the work and effort you exert, this is the perfect career for you.