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April 14, 2010

Want to be on Yelp's Small Business Advisory Council?

Yelp was founded in 2004 to help people connect with great local businesses. Just over 5 years later, we are thrilled that millions of people use the site every week to do just that.  We also recognize that there is always room for improvement. 

Last week, we announced the creation of the Yelp Small Business Advisory Council (YSBAC), a formalized organization of business owners who will provide Yelp management with guidance and perspective regarding the concerns of small business owners. Additionally, members of YSBAC will:
  • Have regular correspondence with Yelp's executive team;
  • Meet with members of Yelp's individual business units to provide valuable input on existing features and policies and act as a sounding board for those in development;
  • Serve as a resource for other business owners who have questions about the services and tools on Yelp
YSBAC will be composed of 10 members representing diverse geographies and industries; the group will serve for an annual term. We hope you're as excited about this development as we are, and if you have some ideas for how Yelp can better serve the business community, we hope you'll consider applying.

Interested in being a member of the council? Submit an application here.

We at Yelp have always loved working closely with the small business community and are excited to work together even more. If you're interested in being a member, fill out the form and let us know. 2010's YSBAC will be announced on May 14.