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March 12, 2010

John and Gabe: Boys with (homemade iPhone) toys

I dig electronics, remote controlled cars and iPhones. A couple of summers ago, I got really excited about the idea of building electronics that I could control with my iPhone. By connecting a router to an RC Car from my childhood, I wrote an iPhone app, and built a RC Car that could be controlled from the iPhone's accelerometers. Then one night after a few beers - Gabe and I came up with the idea to add a camera that would stream video back to the iPhone. 

But I'm not the only one who likes building electronic gadgetry. During a recent Hack Day at Yelp, Julian, Bakun and I teamed up to decorate the office with a hand made Yelp burst. In the video you'll see that it lights up every time a review is posted to the site - and it flashes with the corresponding star rating of that review (three flashes - three stars). OK so it doesn't turn corners like the IC car (iPhone controlled), but it looks damn fine in our work space.

See the car in action at Dorkbot 23's event at SXSWi, March 13th 6pm Brush Square Park, Austin, TX