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October 07, 2009

So You Wanna Work For Yelp?

Good, because we're hiring.

Imagine this: Office dog digging through your trash can, Lagunitas IPA on tap, Sarah Michelle Gellar greeting you with a smile every morning, Ping Pong battles, semi-automatic Nerf guns, 24 flavors of Odwalla juice, organic fruit, not so organic junk food, off-sites that involve lederhosen, PS3 tournaments, gold plated toilet seats, and some of the coolest colleagues you'll ever work with. (OK we kid about the gold plated toilet seats - someone stole ours.)

Did we also mention that in a year, our traffic has grown by over 90% with more than 25 million people visiting the site in August alone and in that same time, our team has increased by nearly 70%, expanding to almost 300 employees worldwide?! Um, yea.

That means we need even more smart, capable and passionate people to join our team; not only to help keep us at the top of our game, but also bring that innovation and drive that is inherent to Yelp's growth. What are we looking for exactly? Tell us why you love Yelp and want to join our team. If you're already on Yelp, let us know by including your profile URL with your resume.

Additionally, over the coming weeks we'll also post profiles of a "Day in a Life" of a featured Yelp Employee. That way you can really get the inside scoop on why Yelp is such a great place to work! So what are you waiting for? Check out what positions are open and let's see if you have what it takes!