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August 12, 2009

And now a word from YOU: Who Do You Trust?

Part two of our reader survey results takes a look at where and to whom consumers turn to when they need recommendations about great local businesses.

A whopping 94% of respondents turn to Yelp first to make a purchasing decision. Contrast that to the 43% who indicated they'd consult a friend and the mere 2% who would turn to the Yellow pages.

But why turn just to Yelp? It seems the community aspect of Yelp, where people share information about themselves and get to evaluate their fellow reviewers, plays an important part. Indeed, 80% noted they prefer Yelp because it emphasizes reviews from trusted members of the community.

What was especially interesting to us was that 96% of respondents agreed that Yelp provides them with a snapshot of consumer opinions for a range of businesses and services they normally wouldn't have access to. That includes where to take your Friday night date, yes, but also where to go for a breast exam or the most reliable mechanic to check your brakes.

This is all good news to us since this is problem we set out to solve when we created the site in the first place.

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