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April 15, 2009

Quick Tip: There is a new Yelp App for iPhone

The latest and greatest Yelp App is now in the App Store and it comes with some big time upgrades...

+ You wanted it, you got it: write short, witty Quick Tips for a business while you're on go.  Best time to go, favorite dishes, where the back door is if you need a hasty exit, etc.

+ Is it Drafty in here?  Draft Yelp.com reviews from your phone and they'll be waiting for your to polish your prose when you're back at your home base.

+ Feed Me: We've added a feed of reviews, tips, photos, and events nearby.  And if you're logged in, check in on what your friends are up to with a feed of their recent Yelping.  Then vote on tips you like, and see who is digging the tips you've written.

+ Join Yelp: Sign up to be a member of Yelp (so you can write reviews and tips, add photos, and sync bookmarks) from your iPhone

+ Hello, Britain!  You could use Yelp across the pond before, but now it's better.  We spell things the way you like them now, and addresses, phone numbers, distances, etc., should look nicer.

+ Biggie Photos: tap the top box on business pages to get more info, then tap photos to browse full-screen pics of dishes, businesses, etc.